Meet AmaTech

      An Elite IT Squadron at your service...

AmaTech Solutions, LLC is a full-service I.T. company.  I.T. means Information Technology and in this day and age the world is run by computers, smart phones and tablets.  When these things run well, life is a breeze.  Unfortunately, things go wrong.  That's where we come in.

The AmaTech Way

We here at AmaTech believe in educating our clients.  We don't want to fix the same problems over and over again just as our clients don't want to pay for the same thing over and over again.  Because of this, we try to educate our clients on why things happened and how to prevent them in the future.  We keep our clients informed as to the status of their computer or the project we are working on.  In short, we care about our clients and make it our primary goal to not only meet but to exceed all of their expectations.

Our Missionsmall-star.png

To improve the quality of life for our clients in their business and every day living through education and consultation regarding available and ever-improving IT technologies.